Bihor vs Dior

It happens once again.

A big fashion company gets too much inspired by a folk design only few artisans in a small country make. Tory Burch, Valentino, Chanel or Louis Vuitton have presented original traditional designs from all over the world as new items in their collections.

This time Dior, who already used crazy patchwork techniques in their last collection, presented their own design, an imitiation of Beius jacket from Romania. While Dior sells the jacket by thousands of euros, local artisans confront gorgeous challenges to keep alive their traditions.

In order to support local artisans and enhancing this tradition, Bihor Couture brand was launched with local craftsmen as designers.

Now more about them and why not support them by acquiring a great garment.


“The handmade reflects the soul of the person who made it”

We – The Souk, reflect in this video the power of Syrian artisanship and invite us to reflect about the risks is confronting. A beautiful compilation of powerful stories.

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The last surviving sea silk weaver

Byssus art is an exceptional tradition keept safe by women who preserved it by transmitting this tradition to other women of their family tree. Now, Chiara Vigo, from Sardina, seems to be the last sea silk weaver alife.


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