CraftDesign for entrepreneurship, social innovation, and sustainability

Crafts, under the umbrella of the cultural and creative sector, represent an important contribution to social development and cultural freedom.

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Crafts, under the umbrella of the cultural and creative sector, represent an important contribution to social development and cultural freedom. Entrepreneurship through crafts and design brings a strategy to promote the empowerment of vulnerable communities. Given the challenges our society is and will be confronting in the 21st century, such as the climate emergency, the process of digital automation in the human workforce, emergencies such as natural disasters or protracted crises, as well as the socioeconomic crisis that will follow the COVID-19 pandemic, scientific knowledge on policies and strategies aimed at promoting sustainable development and ensuring the equality and social inclusion of vulnerable communities should be strengthened. This paper reflects upon the role crafts design and entrepreneurship can play in promoting sustainable development.

Sendra, D., & Ferreira, A. M. (2021). CraftDesign for entrepreneurship, social innovation and sustainability . DISCERN: International Journal of Design for Social Change, Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship2(1), 46-53.

Article on our research published at DISCERN: International Journal of Design for Social Change

Co-creating jobs for women in rural India

Women on Wings Annual report 2015 – 2016 on Craftsmanship in business consultancy: co-creating jobs for women in rural India is available online.

Among the case studies presented by this organization, two are from the textile sector and related to local organisation working with women masters of silk, weaving, embroidery and printing techniques.


Reutilización creativa y artesanía híbrida

About the workshops on traditional know-how and entrepreneurship we implemented with Basurama for rural women entrepreneurs.

Dahlia Rodriguez Atelier

Fue una gran suerte poder incorporarme como parte del equipo de Basurama durante la realización de los talleres de reutilización creativa y artesanía híbrida organizados en el marco del proyecto Gira Mujeres. Tres talleres implementados en tres ciudades: Antequera, La Rinconada y Teruel.

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Bihor vs Dior

It happens once again.

A big fashion company gets too much inspired by a folk design only few artisans in a small country make. Tory Burch, Valentino, Chanel or Louis Vuitton have presented original traditional designs from all over the world as new items in their collections.

This time Dior, who already used crazy patchwork techniques in their last collection, presented their own design, an imitiation of Beius jacket from Romania. While Dior sells the jacket by thousands of euros, local artisans confront gorgeous challenges to keep alive their traditions.

In order to support local artisans and enhancing this tradition, Bihor Couture brand was launched with local craftsmen as designers.

Now more about them and why not support them by acquiring a great garment.