Global Exchange of Crafts Makers

In the framework of my collaboration with Dialogue Café Association, we launched in 2016 a cycle for and on makers, artisanship and creative entrepreneurship called Global Exchange of Crafts Makers.

The objectives of the cycle are

  • promoting exchanges and dialogue between different crafts makers around the world; 
  • identifying challenges and networking opportunities; 
  • promoting knowledge sharing in the field of crafts making and strengthening creative makers´ capacities; 
  • identifying a needs to launch a programme aimed at supporting and promoting crafts makers.

Since 2016 many topics have been raised such as slow fashion vs fast fashion, dialogue between young makers and senior artisans, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue through crafts, design and tradition means innovation?, cooperation between fab labs and crafts makers, refugees´ integration through crafts, as well as many other issues such as business management, internationalisation, e-commerce and marketplaces for crafts makers.


After many sessions I would say that an important knowledge has been created and needs to be shared. For this reason a publication compiling the discussions held, issues raised and conclusions and recommendations given will be shared very soon.

For instance we keep working and preparing an upcoming session at Dialogue Cafe. Note some of the sessions have been recorded and are available in Dialogue Cafe social media.

Author: Dahlia Rodriguez

Handcrafted Textile Garments Crafts & Social Change Learning permaculture and connecting to nature

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