Keeping Tin Embroidery Alive

I discovered few weeks ago the amazing art of Tin Embroidery thanks to Great Big Story article on the matter. Tin Embroidery is a unique stitching technique using metal instead of fibers.

One of the amazing thing of this artisan tradition , which surprises me the most is the control of the whole process these artisans, women, must have. From weaving fibers to stitching, a deep knowledge is required to ensure, generation to generation, the transmission of ancient patterns. Despite the support received from local authorities, this tradition is at risk. Indeed, some of the most ancient patterns has been lost.

Another surprising thing is the time this art takes: one year to finnish an outfit. So dedication, time and patiente are skills needed.

As in many other artisan traditions, women sing during their work traditional songs.

Here below a local video made to raise awareness about the richness of local artisans embroidery traditions from Miao region among the Chinese population.

Sharon de Lyster has written amazing articles about Chinese artisans traditions you can read at The Kindcraft or Textile Atlas where specificities of this art are described.


Do you know any other similar tradition of embroidery?

Author: Dahlia Rodriguez

Handcrafted Textile Garments Crafts & Social Change Learning permaculture and connecting to nature

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