ISHKAR |Bringing contemporary craftsmanship from countries at war


Founded by Edmund Le Brun and Flore de Taisne after they lived in Afghanistan together for three years, ISHKAR is a social enterprise bringing contemporary craftsmanship from countries at war. In partnership with Turquoise Mountain they are enhancing traditional Afghan crafts.

Through curated collections of pieces – each made by an artisan whose practice has been affected by war – ISHKAR hopes to provide a window onto countries known for their rich culture long before they were known for conflict. In their webpage you can discover the art of jale, how afghan carpets are done, and the secrets of Ishkar Cufflinks. In their shop you can find glassware, jewellery, cufflinks, tableware, shawls, and carpets.



Their approach focus in:

  1. Creating Economic Opportunities
  2. Supporting NGOs
  3. Changing Perspectives

They also bring contemporary design and imagination to craftsmanship through collaborations between top international designers and craftsmen on the ground.

I met them through Dialogue Café and the session focused on Refugees Social Inclusion through Artisanship I coordinated and joined by other relevant initiatives such as Manö a Manö, The Refugee Company, Amal Soap and Oficina do Artesanato. The session was a source of inspiration and motivation despite the challenges social entrepreneurship initiatives know very well because their main contribution is related to humanity.

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Author: Dahlia Rodriguez

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